Disciples !

Become a Hoochie Coochie ‘Disciple’ and enjoy exclusive benefits.

You don’t need to be a member to have a great night at Hoochie Coochie, however on busy evenings we may impose a members only policy. However, being a member does confer some advantages, including priority entry. Unfortunately at this time our membership is full . We will be launching a new membership scheme in 2024.

Please not – Our Disciple membership is currently full & is frozen for now . As soon as new memberships are available details will be published on this page .

Cost for Disciple membership is £150 per annum.


To join our exclusive scheme please email the following to info@hoochiecoochie.co.uk

  • Name, address, & date of birth
  • Email address & phone number
  • A recent photo for id . These will be checked on entry.

We will  send you an invoice, on payment, your annual membership will commence.

Email info@hoochiecoochie.co.uk for details.


Apply to become a Disciple now !