Luxury bar in Newcastle playing hard funk, solid soul and cool jazz

Hoochie Coochie is simply all about the music

AT LAST !! ….. It’s been tough, but we are still here & cannot wait to  reopen!

Following the Gov announcement on July 5th,  & assuming no changes, Hoochie Coochie will re-open on Thursday July 22nd for the Georgia May gig . We will open Thursday – Sunday.


We  have installed a brand new air conditioning & AIR EXCHANGE SYSTEM to improve air flow throughout our venue. We will provide hand gel stations etc & continue to implement enhanced hygiene processes .

As the Government  has stated Social Distancing measures will go, as will the required wearing of face masks, we will not enforce this.  People can make their own decisions on these matters.

However given the mixed views we ask that EVERYONE is respectful to another persons decisions & choices.

We will follow all LEGAL  guidelines & advice.



There is no requirement to book tables, all entry is walk- in. Booking can be made for booths at specific times for groups of up to 6 people . A deposit of £100 is required. Please email  for further details. We also ask that customers are respectful of our staff, who have been through a difficult time over the last 16months. We will not accept abusive customers. If you have 4 or more in your group please email us to be added to our guestlist.

Entry is ENTIRELY  at our discretion & may be restricted at times due to the success of our new membership programme.


We are absolutely delighted to re-open & look forward to welcoming many of you back for both live gig nights & club events. See you on the dancefloor !