Luxury bar in Newcastle playing hard funk, solid soul and cool jazz

Hoochie Coochie is simply all about the music


URGENT CUSTOMER NOTICE – We are currently CLOSED . We will ONLY re-open our venue when Social Distancing measures are removed. WE HOPE TO OPEN ON THURS JULY 22nd  for a FREE gig featuring the excellent Georgia May , having just released her new album.

Social Distancing means our capacity is cut from 250 to 80 seated. The business therefore cannot generate to sufficient income to cover operating costs.

Apologies to our customers,  until our Government decides how we can operate fully & safely, it is impossible for a business such as Hoochie Coochie to operate in a financially sound manner.

All advertised gigs & events will be cancelled & fully refunded if social distancing is not removed by the date of the event.

When we do reopen, we have installed a brand new air conditioning & air exchange system, to ensure the air in our venue is exchanged constantly to enhance your safety. We will follow all legal guidelines & advice.

At this stage we will not be taking any bookings other than ticketed events .

We hope to make a further announcement as soon as clear guidelines are set. Apologies to all of our valued regular customers & live in hope that we may return soon.