Luxury bar in Newcastle playing hard funk, solid soul and cool jazz

Hoochie Coochie is simply all about the music


URGENT CUSTOMER NOTICE – Following Gov announcement, we are CLOSED until further notice. We will re-open our venue when Social Distancing measures are removed.

Apologies to our customers,  until our Government decides how we can operate fully & safely, it is impossible for a business such as Hoochie Coochie to operate in a financially sound manner.

When we do reopen, we have installed a brand new air conditioning & air exchange system, to ensure the air in our venue is exchanged constantly to enhance your safety. We will follow all legal guidelines & advice.

If Social Distancing remains in place our capacity is cut from 250 to 80 seated. The business therefore cannot generate to sufficient income to cover operating costs.

We hope to make a further announcement as soon as clear guidelines are set. Apologies to all of our valued regular customers & live in hope that we may return soon.