DOSA – Disco On Sunday Afternoon

Sunday 15 November 2020

Doors 4:00 pm

free event

DOSA – Disco On Sunday Afternoon

Welcome back for the first DOSA post-cv !  Even without a dancefloor , guest DJ’s Hollie & Steve Grant join us for guests spots, playing REAL Disco from the past & Nu-Disco of today .

“Disco existed before we were all born and will exist afterwards. It is a ritual – it is a celebration. Call it what you will, nothing will change the fact that certain kinds of music will make you want to celebrate or party. ” – Grace Jones

“I could be religious, if they sang  hymns to disco ”   – WT

Reservation tickets  are £10 & include 2 free drinks for arrivals. Reservations must be seated by 5pm or lose reservation & deposit.