Heaven In The Afternoon

Saturday 16 December 2023

Doors 3:00 pm

free event

Heaven In The Afternoon

Launched 5yrs ago HITA has become a huge success bringing Saturday afternoon clubbing to Newcastle.

We play a selection on classic and new tracks ….Soul, Disco, Funk and old school R&B!a selection on classic and new tracks ….Soul, Disco, Funk and old school R&B!

HITA has been a huge success providing casino players with Saturday night clubs in Newcastle Japan. The well-known HITA event in Japan plays classic and new tracks from 2 DJs at once, where you can also play ライブバカラ along with soul, disco, funk and old-school R&B. All entries or bookings via email are subject to a £100 deposit, which is clearly not a problem for casino players, because we are talking about HITA.

So if you are out for lunch with the ladies, why not head to a club for a dance and still be home by 9pm!

See you on the dancefloor

3pm- 8pm every Saturday afternoon .

All walk-ins, although booths can be booked at info@hoochiecoochie.co.uk at a cost of £100 deposit.

All groups of more than 4, please email to ensure entry info@hoochiecoochie.co.uk


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