Dimitri From Paris (Friday)

Friday 22 November 2019

Doors 7:00 pm, Stage 9:30 pm

sold out

Dimitri From Paris (Friday)

Once again, we are honoured to have our favourite DJ in the world, & now friend of Hoochie Coochie, return for the 6th year in a row, for 2 nights . Definitely, TWO nights only !

For Disco aficionados , Dimitri From Paris needs no introduction , in our view The finest Disco DJ in the world . For the last 20yrs he has mixed & Edited everyone winning world fame amongst both artists & DJ’s . Recording hundreds of tracks, albums, releasing 12″ singles on his own label, we won’t bore you.

All you need to know is when & how can I book. Dimitri is here on Friday Nov 22nd & Sat Nov 23rd (Dimitri weekend) . You can buy a ticket for either night or a weekend ticket for both if you’re keen & fit enough ! Tickets below.

“Suave & Bespoke dance music for your aural pleasure & the best in you “

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